Tattoo Care



Before tending to your new tattoo, always wash your hands.


Gently remove the covering after  one hour. There may be some ink on the covering, don’t worry this is normal. If the bandage gets stuck soak with cool water then remove.


Rinse tattoo with cool water. Gently lather with antibacterial liquid soap using your hands, not a washcloth, rinse. Do Not use bar soap or soap that is perfumed.


Pat the tattoo dry.


Using your clean fingertip, apply a thin layer of Bepanthem Cream, Do Not apply a thick layer as it may clog your pores.


Do Not re-bandage. Do Not use Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly.


You should apply your ointment at least 3 times a day until your tattoo is healed.


If your fresh tattoo dries out you risk the chance of scabbing, which in turn may cause scaring or color loss. After a few days your tattoo may start flaking (It will look like peeling after a sunburn) this is normal. At this point you may start to use lotion such as Paw Paw cream.


Do Not pick or scratch off any flaking skin or scabs if present.


No swimming or tanning until your tattoo is fully healed. or after 6 weeks.


Do Not soak your tattoo for prolonged periods of time. Showering is fine.


After your tattoo is healed do not forget to apply sunblock every time you go swimming or tanning to prevent fading.


The out come of your tattoo depends on the care of your tattoo. Your Artist did their part now it’s up to you.